29th May 2022

This year Christmas will be different for most of us. But most of all, it is going to be a new experience for the spouse, family member or best friend who is expecting. Mums-to-be need that extra love and care to help make their journey memorable. To gift something to an expectant mum that she will need during and after her pregnancy is a great way to show that you care for her. What would be a better time than Christmas to gift her something special? 

  • Dresses – Take it from someone who knows: No mum can have enough pretty dresses during or after her pregnancy. Help the new mum enjoy a stylish pregnancy by finding the perfect maternity dress that she will love and wear even after she’s finished nursing her baby. A maxi or midi dress that allows her to flaunt her baby bump and discreetly breastfeed or pump will earn you major points. 
  • Maternity tops – All expectant mums need a slightly different wardrobe during and after their pregnancy days. They need something comfortable yet flattering. If the mum-to-be is deciding to breastfeed or pump, then gift her some comfy maternity tops that look great and feel even better!
  • Pants – Some new mums are more comfortable in pants. The right post-partum high-rise pants and leggings give the mum necessary support and flexibility. She is sure to love wearing them everywhere while she spends time with her bub. 
  • Pregnancy wedge pillow or body pillow – Pregnancy comes with some unexpected pain in different parts of the body. Wedge pillows support the expectant mum’s growing belly by adding support and reducing back strain. During pregnancy, doctors recommend mums to sleep on their left side to maintain easy blood flow to the uterus. However, the sleeping position can often lead to cramps and pain without the right body pillow. Wedge and body pillows provide comfort to the belly and the body, and will be much appreciated as Christmas gifts!
  • Pregnancy books – Pregnancy and motherhood can be an exciting yet nervous time for a lot of mums. Pregnancy-related books help mums prepare for all mental and physical changes and to equip themselves with all the information they need to slide into their new role. Each pregnancy is different, and it can be quite helpful to read up on issues related to pregnancy, delivery and looking after a newborn.
  • Pampering sets – We all need an extra bit of pampering, particularly the mums during their pregnancy days! This Christmas, get her a readymade or customised pampering set that includes a shower gel, lip balm, moisturisers and organic oils or lotions, especially for her stretching belly. Make sure that all the products you buy are safe to use during pregnancy. 
  • Belly casting kits – Around 34 to 37 weeks of gestation, belly casts are a great keepsake for any pregnant mum. Make things a bit more exciting and gift her a belly casting kit. These kits include everything that is needed to make a cast, such as plaster tape, lubricant, gloves and a sanding screen. 
  • A journal – Pregnancy brings different emotions and new experiences with it. Keeping a journal is a lovely way to remember these special times and beautiful moments. Find special pregnancy journals to highlight specific dates, and jot down points to remember or ones that have quotations and anecdotes put together for expectant mums.
  • Memory photo book – Once the little one is born, the new mum will love taking pictures of her bundle of joy. Try going old-school and gift her a photo album to keep all the memories alive and to share it with her bub when they grow up.
  • Gift cards – It can be hard to decide what to get for a new or expectant mum. If unsure about what to get, you can give her a gift card from her favourite baby store! This way, she is at the liberty of choosing what she thinks is the best fit for her current needs. 

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