18th June 2022

Nursing tops are an essential piece in every new mum’s wardrobe.

When well crafted and designed, these tops allow mums to discreetly feed their babies absolutely anywhere and any time, whether it’s in the home, at work or in the middle of a busy market.

Now, while tops come in all colours and styles, have you tried a tank top? They take versatility to a whole new level and are one of most popular styles.

Apart from making breastfeeding easier for our mums, there are some other reasons why you should consider a high quality nursing tank:

Perfect for Layering

Dressing in layers is ideal for breastfeeding mums who often find themselves too hot or too cold but are challenged to do anything about it – as they are often couch or chair-bound for hours at a time. Ever had this experience? 😉

Nursing tank tops are the perfect first foundational layer to every mum’s outfit as it’s easy to add and remove layers from the tank, and yet still maintain accessibility to the breast for easy feeding.

Tanks come in a wide range of colours so mums can mix and match colour combinations and patterns that suit her tastes.

Great for Summer

We find many nursing mums try to get by wearing a standard tank top during the summer, either lifting the bottom or yanking down the top to feed her baby. There are a couple of problems that come with this:

  • Feeding isn’t discreet, forcing many mums to throw a blanket over themselves and their bubs in the already sweltering heat
  • Pulling the tank up or down stretches the tank and destroys the shape
  • Summer’s are hot in Australia and even the lightest of covers that you may try to use can leave you and your bub overheated, uncomfortable, and cranky. This can lead to a stressful if not nightmarish situation for parents, especially for those who are already sleep deprived or having a difficult time breastfeeding.

Having misshaped and wrinkled clothing not only makes you look unkempt, but it can cause you to look downright frumpy at a time when you should feel the proudest and the most confident in yourself (your body did just make a baby!).

Celebrate and Conceal Curves

Well crafted nursing tanks are designed to compliment and flatter your new curves, unlike standard tanks that can result in pooching and squeezing that can make mums uncomfortable and self conscious.

Investing in just 2 or 3 nursing tank tops that celebrate and conceal curves gives new mums a great base to build outfits that will have you looking cool, fashionable, and chic. 

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